Pure Fire - Pigments Sound Bank (Pigments Presets)

Pure Fire - Pigments Presets

Introducing Pure Fire - Pigments Sound Bank. Engulf yourself in this set of sizzling-hot Arturia Pigments presets. Pure Fire delivers beautifully textured synth keys, nasty leads, boiling-hot sound effects, blazing sequences, and flaming hard modern basses, all with a distorted edge. Set fire to the rule book and ignite your creativity now!

Not for the faint-hearted, Pure Fire Pigments sound bank is suitable for any style requiring harder, distorted sounds and will work well with many genres of modern electronic music including, cinematic soundtrack and film score, electronica, darkwave, cyberpunk, industrial, EDM, EBM, electro, bass music, dark synthwave, dusbtep, trap, techno, bass house, and much more.

More information and free demo: https://newloops.com/products/pure-fire-pigments-presets


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