About us

Who Are New Loops?

New Loops is the new name from UK sound design company Biome Digital Ltd. Since 2013 we have created the highest quality audio sample packs and synth sound banks. We focus on quality and usability over quantity and all our products are made 100% by us!

Our sounds are used by DJ’s, producers, music studios, and composers all over the world. Our sample packs and sound banks often receive the highest reviews from our customers and we put customer satisfaction at the forefront of our business.

As well as selling on our own website NewLoops.com, we have partnered with many shops and websites around the world including, propellerheads, elektron, producerloops, adsrsounds, sonicwire and many more.  


We are proud to have worked with some big names in the industry including Uh-e, Elektron, Beat Magazine and Propellerheads. Our audio sample packs and synth presets are available on some of the biggest sample website including Propellerheads Prop Shop, Beatport Sounds, Producer Loops, ADSR Sounds, Kontakt Hub, Elektron, Modern Producers, Sonic Wire, Reveal Sound and more!

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