For over 8 years, we've specialised in sound design with a focus on quality and usability. Our audio samples and synth presets are used by DJ's, producers, music studios, and soundtrack composers all over the world. We  have worked and partnered with a growing list of top audio industry companies including, Native Instruments, Reason Studios, Arturia, Akai, Audiotool, Landr, Elektron, Kilohearts, U-he, KVR Audio, Sonicwire, ADSR Sounds and more. In 2018, we supplied sounds to Audiotool for their online music making software Audiotool.

In 2019, we started working with French company Arturia on presets for their synths including V Collection, Pigments, Mickrofreak and also creating audio demos for some of their products. 2020 see's us producing sound banks, audio demos, and presets for Sweden's Kilohearts (Phase plant). From the start of 2021 we are providing content to Reason Studios, as well as sound design for HY-Plugin's HY-Poly.

Please have a look at our Sound Design page for more information about New Loops professional sound design services.

New Loops Professional Sound Design Services

Our products have been featured in both print and online magazines and blogs, including Electronic Musician, BedroomProducersBlog,, Ask.Audio, as well as having supplied sounds for MusicTech magazines cover DVD.

As well as selling on our own website, we have partnered with many shops and websites around the world including, Reason Studios (Propellerheads), Native Instruments, Elektron, Adsr sounds, and Japans Sonicwire, to name a few.

Our sound packs are distributed by the following re-sellers

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