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New Loops Professional Sound Design

Do you need high quality, bespoke, pro audio loops and sounds for a new product or service? We can supply sounds in a wide range of genres, from techno to film score, ambient to drum and bass, cinematic gamescores to pop and much more. With over 20 years experience in electronic music production, we’ve worked with and supplied sounds to some of the biggest names in pro audio including, Arturia, Native Instruments, Reason Studios, Elektron, U-he, Kilohearts, and more (Scroll down for more info).

Take a look at some of our services below and contact us to chat about what you are looking for.

Audio Loops and Samples

We specialise in creating contemporary dance music audio loops and samples. We can provide bespoke sounds for samplers, drum machines, and groove boxes. With a good knowledge of many different styles, we keep an eye on new trends to make sure our loops and samples always sound fresh and up to date.

Some of the genres we make sounds for include:

  • Sound Track, Film Score, Game Score, Sound Design
  • Ambient, Soudscape, Electronic. Synthwave, Darkwave
  • House, Deep House, Bass House, Progressive House
  • Techno, Dub Techno, Deep Techno
  • Trance, Progressive
  • Lofi, Pop and EDM
  • Dubstep, Trap, Hip Hop
  • Future Bass, Chill trap, Drum and Bass
New Loops Synth Presets Sound Design

Software and Hardware Synthesiser Presets and Sound Banks

We make high quality, expressive, and usable synth presets. Our knowledge and experience of different synthesis methods include virtual analogue, FM, wavetable, granular, phase modulation, vector, sample based, and more. From modern EDM to classic vintage sounds, we can make custom synth patches that show the power of your instrument while still being musical and playable.

Some of the style presets we make include:

  • Sound track and gamescores
  • Organic, lofi, synths
  • Modern dance music
  • Vintage and classic
  • Cinematic and soundscapes
  • Sound effects
  • Experimental and unique

Synthesiser Content Audio Demos

Product audio demos are one of the most important ways to showcase your product. We think audio demos should sound like music rather than audio demos, and should be a good reflection of what the product does. We can make audio demos showcasing different sounds in the context of a song, and we can produce many different styles.

Some Recent Projects

  • Native Instruments - Low End Strings by 10 Phantom Rooms - Factory presets and audio demo (Low End Strings audio demos - Children of 1984)
  • Various Sample Packs and Presets commissioned by Reason Studios
  • U-he Hive 2 factory presets
  • U-he Hive 1 and 2 audio demos
  • Arturia Pigments (many add-on sound banks and audio demos)
  • Arturia Pigments 2 factory presets
  • Arturia OBX-a factory presets and audio demos
  • Arturia V-collection 7 factory presets and audio demos
  • Arturia V-collection 8 factory presets and audio demos
  • Arturia V-collection (various add-on sound banks and audio demos)
  • Arturia Microfreak (various add-on sound banks)
  • Arturia Augmented Strings Factory sound bank
  • Arturia Augmented Voices Factory sound bank
  • Arturia Augmented Grand Factory sound bank
  • Arturia Augmented Brass Factory sound bank
  • Arturia MS - 20 V Factory presets
  • Arturia Prophet - 5 V Factory presets
  • Elektron Analog Rytm Sound Packs
  • Kilohearts Phase Plant (various add-on sound banks and audio demos).
  • Kilohearts Effects plugins (various factory presets)
  • Kilohearts Snapheap V2 Factory presets
  • Kilohearts Multipass V2 Factory presets
  • Audiotool - Supplied samples and sound content
  • Groove3 - Sample content for Groove3 “Perks”
  • HY-Plugins - Presets for HY-Ploy Synth
  • Soundslates - Capsule — bespoke sample content supplied

Want to know more or hear what we can do? Get in touch — contact us

Arturia Pigments Refill Demos

Reason Studio's Reason Refill Demos

Arturia V-Collection Demos

U-He Hive 2 Demo

 Kilohearts Phase Plant demo

Premium Sound Packs

Need some inspiration? We've got over 100 premium sound packs, all with free demos to download.

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Kick Drum Bundle

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Serum Presets Bundle

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Repro Presets Bundle

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Techno Master Tool Box

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