Techno Master Tool Box (Techno Sample Pack)

Techno Master Tool Box (Techno Sample Pack)

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Techno Master Tool Box - Over 1200 Techno Sounds!

New Loops 'Techno Master Tool Box' blurs the lines of melodic, mainroom, deep, and hard Techno. This diverse collection of sounds has everything you need to make full Techno tracks.

Over 3.2 GB of content, you'll find a massive collection of Techno sounds with 1215 audio loops and samples. Everything from analogue bass and drum machine loops, to vocal samples and FX.

Drum loops come with variations including kickless, percussion, hi-hats, and kick only. Many synth loops have wet/dry versions giving you more choice while producing.

The Techno one shot's include basses, synths, chords, as well as a full collection of drum hits. You'll also find epic sound effects including impacts, sweeps, atmospheres, noises, and more.

This Techno sample pack is perfect for modern tracks, but also has classic chords, rave stabs, and classic Techno sounds making it a valuable resource for many styles.

Every sound in 'Techno Master Tool Box' is tempo and key-labelled where applicable. Here's a full breakdown of what’s included.

335 Drum and Percussion Loops Including:

  • 25 Clap and Snare Loops
  • 120 Drum Loops
  • 45 Hat Loops
  • 10 Kick Lite Loops
  • 40 Kick Loops
  • 45 Percussion Loops
  • 15 Ride Loops
  • 10 Shaker Loops
  • 15 Snare Roll Loops
  • 10 Tambourine Loops

265 Synth and Melodic Loops Including:

  • 25 Acid Loops
  • 30 Arp Loops
  • 65 Bass Loops
  • 70 Chord Loops
  • 20 Pad Loops
  • 25 Pluck Loops
  • 30 Synth Loops

220 Drum and Percussion Hits Including:

  • 25 Claps
  • 25 Closed Hi-Hats
  • 15 Open Hi-Hats
  • 30 Kicks
  • 10 Kick Lite
  • 60 Percussion
  • 15 Rides
  • 15 Shakers
  • 15 Snares
  • 10 Tambourines

200 Synth Samples Including:

  • 15 Acid synths
  • 70 Basses
  • 50 Chords
  • 15 Pads
  • 20 Plucks
  • 30 Synths

195 Sound Effects Including:

  • 20 Atmospheres
  • 15 Crashes
  • 35 Glitches and Noises
  • 55 Impacts
  • 50 Sweeps
  • 20 Vocals

100% Royalty Free

As with all New Loops sample packs, once purchased Techno Master Tool Box is 100% royalty free to use in your songs and audio productions.

Available in Separate Formats

Techno Master Tool Box is available in 2 separate formats - Wav Pack, and Reason Refill (sold separately). Each format includes all features of the Audio Wav Pack plus format-specific features as detailed below.

Audio Wav Pack

Compatible with any DAW - New Loops

Techno Master Tool Box audio wav pack is the universal format and works with all software compatible with .wav files including: FL Studio, Cubase, Pro Tools, Studio One, Logic Pro, Sonar, Reaper, and many other DAWS.

Wav Pack Features

  • Over 3.2 GB of content
  • 615 Techno one-shot samples
  • 232 Rex2 loops
  • 128 bpm
  • 24-bit/44.1 kHz audio
  • includes every sound in audio demos

Wav Pack Requirements

Techno Master Tool Box wav pack works with any software compatible with the standard WAV (.wav) format. Pack Size: 3.2 GB

Compatible with Akai MPC, Maschine, Elektron, Roland, Korg Samplers

This audio wav pack will work with most hardware controllers and samplers including Native Instruments Maschine, Akai MPC's, as well as Elektron, Roland, Korg samplers and many more.

Reason Refill

Propellerheads Reason refill

Techno Master Tool Box Refill is specially made for Propellerheads Reason and includes 147 NN-XT patches

Refill Features

  • Propellerheads Reason Refill format
  • Over 3.2 GB of content
  • 600 Techno loops (includes variations)
  • 615 Techno one-shot samples
  • 147 NN-XT patches
  • 232 Rex2 loops
  • 128 bpm
  • 24-bit/44.1 kHz audio
  • includes every sound in audio demos

Reason Refill Requirements

Techno Master Tool Box Reason Refill requires the full version of Propellerheads Reason 8.2 or later (not included). Refill Size: 2.3 GB

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