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Music Production Software and Apps

There are thousands of music apps and plugins available today, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to choosing your music software. That's why we have put together this list of our favourite and most used programs and plugins.

We're going to cover everything, from the DAWS we use, to the EQ's and compressors we sculpt our audio sample packs with. We've been using some of this software for over 20 years, so we think we've got a handle on it!

Digital Audio Workstations (DAW)

The centrepiece of many a modern studio is the sequencer, otherwise known as the DAW. Here are some of the choices available today:

  • Reaper - The infinitely powerful audio production software. Our main choice, cheap too!
  • Reason Studios Reason - Everything you need to make music on your computer.
  • Ableton Live - Great software for using with your audio loops and samples.
  • Steinberg Cubase - Cubase audio production software is an old bit of kit and still going strong.
  • Apple Logic Pro - Logic is another one of the big players in DAW town.
  • Image-Line FL Studio - Another very popular digital audio workstation.
  • Bitwig - Modern music production software.
  • Native Instruments Maschine Software - Popular hardware and software combined.
  • Akai - Mpc workstation and software.
  • Audiotool - Make music in your browser, free! We are happy to have supplied Audiotool with some high-quality sounds.

Download Now: Ableton Live Packs, Reason Refills, MPC Expansions, Wav Samples, free demos.


Software Synths (VSTI)

There's some amazing software emulations of analogue hardware, but in our opinion, some of the new digital wavetable software synthesizers sound out of this world. Here's a list of some of the best synths on the market right now:

Want pro sounds for your synths? See our Synth Presets and download the free demo packs.

Synapse Audio - Dune 3

Samplers and Drum Machines

Everyone needs a sampler, everyone needs a drum machine. These are some of the best available:

Load your samplers with New Loops Samples and Audio Loops.

Native Instruments - Kontakt

EQ Plugins

EQ is probably our most used effect plugin, from the simplest HPF, to removing resonant peaks, the humble EQ finds its way onto every track. Here's our most used:

Arturia - Pre 1973

Compressor Plugins

Some people say compression is a mysterious dark art, we say that's nonsense - it's an automatic volume control, simples. :P

TooneBoosters - ReelBus

Reverb Plugins

We use a lot of reverb in our sample packs, and these are our favourites:

Valhalla Supermassive

Delay Plugins

Delays feature heavily in electronic music. Here's what we're using today:

Arturia - Delay Tape 201 Space Echo

Distortion Plugins

Saturation and distortion plugins usually aren't all that fun, until you try these:

Fabfilter - Saturn 2

Filter Plugins

Filter plugins are an integral part of modern music production. We're using these:

Cytomic - The Drop

Modulation Plugins

Modulation effects such as chorus, phaser, flanger, vibrato etc. are widely used in the making of our audio loops and samples, and are equally well-used in our synth presets.

    D16 - Antresol

      Sample Organisers and Players

      Plugins to find and play samples are few and far between. There just aren't many of this sort of plugin available. These 2 are similar, but with their own strengths:

      First download our Free Demo Packs and free Audio Sample Packs. Then use these plugins to find them.

      Algonauts - Atlas 2

      Other Useful Plugins

      We use many effect plugins that don't fit into other categories. Some are multi-effects, some are analysers or stereo enhancers. Here's a few more from our box of magic tricks:

        XLN Audio - RC-20

        That just about rounds up our most used and favourite audio software and plugins. Now if you need some new loops and samples to play with, head over to our shop and check out the Latest Deals on audio Sample Packs, Ableton Live Packs, Reason RefillsSynth Presets, and Free Sounds.

        Free Audio Samples and Synth Presets

        Premium Sound Packs

        Need some inspiration? We've got over 100 premium sound packs, all with free demos to download.

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