Genetic Mutations - Dune 3 Presets

Genetic Mutations

ALERT! Our latest sound experiments have evaded our high-tech security and escaped from the New Loops laboratory! Get ready to augment your rudimentary human DNA with our “Genetic Mutations” for Dune 3. Experiment with 32 trans-human dune 3 presets, including gene-manipulated keys and plucks, experimental bass, contaminated pads, mutated atmospheric soundscapes, uncontrolled genomic sequences, DNA-spliced arpeggios, and freakishly good leads! Enhance your music productions and experience a new level of sonic exploration with New Loops Genetic Mutations for Dune 3!

We've taken our own Dune presets and genetically modified them to create new and exciting mutations. All tweaked and perfected to create this bank of usable sounds for Dune 3.

More information and free demo:



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