Thorn Sequences 1 (Thorn Presets)
Thorn Sequences 1 (Thorn Presets) New Loops Thorn Sequences 1 is the must-have expansion pack for DS Audio's Thorn VST. With 32 dynamic electronic sequences that evoke a cinematic atmosphere, this sound bank is perfect for enhancing everything from movie...
£14.99 £11.99
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Mosaic Thorn Expansion (Thorn Presets)
Mosaic Thorn Expansion (Thorn Presets) New Loops presents Mosaic Thorn Expansion - 64 expressive presets for DS Audio Thorn. This is our best thorn expansion yet with unique sounds never heard in Thorn before! You’ll find 6 deep and punchy...
£24.99 £12.99
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Thorn Pro Expansion (Thorn Presets)
70 Thorn Presets New Loops presents Thorn Pro Expansion — 70 expressive presets for DS Audio Thorn. From the hardest FM basses, to the dreamiest keys, there’s a good range of usable presets for different styles of music. You’ll find 19...
£14.99 £9.99
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