Free Club Techno Loops (Free Techno Samples)

 Free Club Techno Loops (Free Techno Samples)

Free Club Techno Loops (Free Techno Samples)

New Loops presents: Club Techno Loops - 10 mini loop kits with a total of 100 analog techno loops. You'll find kicks, hats, claps, percussion, bass, synths, chords, and more. Club Techno Loops has been made using an Elektron Analog Rytm drum machine and run through the analogue compressor and distortion circuit which gives these sounds a unique and full character. All loops are 8 bars long for seamless looping. Musical loops are key labelled. Recorded at 125 beats per minute.

Make sure you also download Free Club Techno One Shots for 100 one shot samples to go with this pack.


  • Free analog techno loops
  • 10 mini loop kits
  • 100 techno loops
  • Drums, bass, synths
  • Bpm and key labelled
  • Download size: 356 MB
  • 100% royalty free sounds (*no redistribution)

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*Please note: These sounds are free for you to use in your songs but New Loops Limited owns full copyright. You are not allowed to redistribute any part of this pack - please link to this page.