Pounding Techno Kicks

Pounding Techno Kicks

New Loops presents Pounding Techno Kicks — a collection of techno kick drum samples and loops. These are the deepest, hardest, punchiest kicks we’ve released and are ready to drop straight into your latest projects.

You’ll find a total of 600 audio files in the following categories: Long Kick Loops, Short Kicks Loops, Kick Transient Loops, Long Kick One-shots, Short Kick One-shots, and Kick Transient One-shots.

All audio is 24 bit WAV and professionally processed. The kick loops are four-to-the-floor, 2-bars long at 130 BPM. Pounding Techno Kicks sound pack will be suitable for any style of techno, but will also be useful for other electronic styles including EDM, house, trance, and many more.


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