Ultimate Power - Hive Presets

Ultimate Power - Hive Presets

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Ultimate Power - Presets for Hive

Welcome to Ultimate Power for U-he Hive. 80 brand new presets designed for modern dance music styles including EDM, Techno, House, Trance, Trap and beyond!

Expertly Crafted

Each preset has been carefully created and tested with the goal of providing you with a collection of inspiring and usable sounds that will work straight out the box. All presets have been level matched and Pitch and Mod wheels have been assigned. Many presets feature complex modulations and make good use of Aftertouch for expressive playing and control.

Powerful Synths

Included are 30 Synth presets which form the bulk of this soundbank, including massive, wide Supersaw Stacks, beautiful Keys, and Plucks, cutting digital Leads, classic rave synths and totally unique, never before heard sounds!

Deep Basses

The 20 Bass presets range from classic analogue squares and subs to punchy club plucks and modern side-chained saws. Each Bass has been equalised and compressed to give a deep and solid low end.

Expansive Pads

10 huge Pads really showcase the power of Hives extensive modulation routings with beautiful, deep Pads and Strings which are full of movement and life. 10 Sequences and Arpeggios will have you creating riffs in seconds and feature acid type sequences, plucky melodies and full on Trance Arps.

Creative Sounds

To add the finishing touches to your tracks, we have included 10 creative Sound Effects, including impacts, noise sweeps, pitch risers, sirens and more!

100% Royalty Free

As with all New Loops sample packs, once purchased Ultimate Power is 100% royalty free to use in your songs and audio productions.

Ultimate Power for Hive


  • 80 Hive Presets
  • 30 example midi files
  • Basses, Leads, Pads, Synths, FX and Sequences
  • Extensive modulation routings
  • Pitchwheel and Modwheel assigned on each patch
  • Aftertouch mapping for expressive playing and control

Number of Patches

  • 20 Basses
  • 10 Sound Effects
  • 10 Pads and Strings
  • 10 Sequences and Arpeggios
  • 30 Synths, Leads, Keys and Plucks


Ultimate Power requires U-he Hive 1.0 or later (not included) for Hive presets and any software that supports the standard Midi format. Pack Size: 2.17 MB

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Audio demos are for illustrative purposes, drums not included. All synth sounds are from this pack.

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