Phase Plant Synths Expansion (Phase Plant Presets)

Phase Plant Synths Expansion (Phase Plant Presets)

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Phase Plant Synths Expansion

New Loops presents Phase Plant Synths Expansion - 64 synth presets for kilohearts Phase Plant. In this versatile sound bank, you’ll find a wide range of synth sounds suitable for modern electronic music. We’ve focused on playable sounds so expect to find beautiful synth keys, deeply evolving pads, cutting wavetable leads, as well as some useful sample-based sounds like pianos, strings, brass, and bells.

Phase Plant Synths Expansion has 6 categories: Chords, FX, Keys, Leads, Pads, and Plucks. All presets are level matched to about -6 db, have the mod wheel and at least 4 of the macros assigned with some using all 8. Many of the presets also use aftertouch for expressive playing.

These Phase Plant presets are suitable for a wide range of music genres including soundtrack and cinematic, pop, hip-hop, trance, techno, house, trap, dubstep, electronica, and many more.


  • 64 Phase Plant presets
  • 15 Keys
  • 15 Leads
  • 11 Pads
  • 11 Plucks
  • 7 Sound Effects
  • 5 Chords
  • Presets descriptions
  • Mod wheel and at least 4 Macros assigned
  • Aftertouch assigned on many presets

New Loops - Phase Plant Synths Expansion (Phase Plant Synths Presets)


Requires kilohearts Phase Plant version 1.8 or later. Pack Size: 2.33 MB

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