Analog Duality - Kontakt Synths

Analog Duality - Kontakt Synths

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Analog Duality - Kontakt Synth Library

Biome Digital presents Analog Duality, a multi-sampled analogue synth library for Native Instruments Kontakt 5 with 281 Instrument patches created from 894 analogue hardware synth samples including Moog and Doepfer synths.

Analog Duality has been designed to give you instant access to great sounds with minimum fuss! Each patch has been carefully designed to be not only expressive to play, but also very usable in a wide range of musical styles, whether for film score and sound design work or EDM and club music, you’ll find something for all occasions.

Analog Duality Kontakt Synths

Thick Analogue Sound

Analog Duality features a whole host of patches covering useful synth sounds including pads and strings with analogue depth and cadence, powerful synth leads that cut straight to the heart, inspiring arpeggios and sequencers, classic oldskool chords for your Deep and Future House and some of the deepest bass sounds that only quality analogue synths can provide!

Also included are 25 Multi Instruments, consisting of 2 or more patches combined to create huge, never-before-heard sounds! Easily experiment by change patches and the possibilities are truly endless!

Analog Duality Mapping


  • 281 total Kontakt Instrument patches
  • 25 huge multi patches
  • 40 arpeggios and sequences
  • 35 chord patches
  • 85 dry patches
  • 65 patches with effects (delay, reverb)
  • 25 pads and string patches
  • 6 raw Moog and Doepfer multi- oscillator patches
  • 894 analogue Moog and Doepfer multi-samples
  • Multi samples are 24 bit/44.1 kHz
  • Aftertouch and Modwheel mappings for expressive playing
  • Pack Size 700 MB.

Patches are organised in the following categories:

Multi Patches

Kontakt Instruments made from multiple patches to create new and unique sounds.

Raw Oscillators

The Raw Oscillators folder contains 6 Kontakt Instruments made from Moog and Doepfer analogue oscillator multi-samples. There are 6 wave forms including 2 Saw, 2 Square, Pulse, and Triangle.

Single Patches

These are the main patches and form the bulk of the instruments. There are 4 folders of Kontakt Instruments:

  • Arpeggios - contains the arps and sequences
  • Chords - these patches are all chords, Minor, Major etc.
  • Dry Patches - the main patches with minimal effects
  • FX Patches (Wet) - have effects like delay and reverb
  • Pads - Pads and Strings patches

Made For Native Instruments Kontakt

This product is NOT compatible with the free Kontakt Player and requires the FULL version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.5 or later (not included).

All multi-sampled audio (.wav) is available to use in any audio software that supports the standard Wav format. The audio used in this pack is from our “Rhymes with Rogue - Bass” and “Modular Leads” sample packs which are now discontinued.

Audio demos are for illustrative purposes, some sounds may not be included. All synth sounds are from this pack.

Download Free Demo Pack

Try Free Demo - New Loops

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