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Kontakt Synth Bundle (Analog Synths)

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Kontakt Synth Bundle - 401 Analogue Synths

Kontakt Synth Bundle has 401 multi-sampled analogue Synth patches for Native Instruments Kontakt. From the deepest, sub shaking Bass to cutting Leads, luscious Pads, modern Synths and everything in between, these sounds cover the whole spectrum of synthesis and are perfect for modern electronic music and classic synth sounds.

2 Analogue Synth Libraries for Kontakt

Get more sounds and save money with this bundle. Kontakt Synth Bundle combines 2 high-quality synth libraries for Kontakt and includes Rhymes with Rogue - Leads and Analog Duality.

Pack 1: Rhymes With Rogue - Leads

Rhymes with Rogue-  Leads

What rhymes with rogue? Moog, of course! Rhymes With Rogue - Leads features 2730 Moog hardware synth multi-samples (over 3500 including Bonus Content), meticulously designed, recorded, edited and turned into highly playable, expressive instruments for Kontakt.

Simple and Effective GUI

Rhymes with Rogue - Leads for Kontakt features a custom GUI and scripting providing control over Filter Cutoff, Resonance and Filter Envelope, Amp Envelope Attack and Release and Effects Amount. The Mod wheel, Velocity, and Aftertouch are assigned to various effects including Filter, Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Flanger, Tape Saturator, Distortion, Bit crusher and more.

Thick Analogue Sound

The sound is thick, smooth and modern with that truly gorgeous Moog character. Every patch has 78 notes sampled from keys G-1 to C6 with one sample per key, that’s over 7 octaves! Although designed for Synth Leads, these sounds are also suitable for deep Basses, evolving Pads, luscious Keys, and creative Sound Effects.

Rhymes with Rogue-  Leads

Expressive and Beautiful

Many of these instruments feature complex modulations routeing using LFO’s and Envelopes and also have Velocity, Modwheel and Aftertouch mapped for expressive playing.


  • 120 Kontakt Instruments
  • 78 Samples per patch (notes G-1 to C6 – every note sampled over 7 octaves)
  • 2730 Moog multi-samples
  • 624 Moog oscillator samples including Sine, Triangle, Saw, Square and more
  • 8 Raw oscillator Kontakt Instruments
  • 116 Analogue SFX multi-samples
  • 8 SFX Kontakt Instruments
  • 2 SFX Banks, 1 SFX multi Kontakt Instrument
  • 35 Analogue Drum One Shots in WAV and AIFF
  • 25 Analogue Drum Loops in WAV, AIFF, and Rex2, 123,128, 132 bpm
  • 1 Kontakt instrument with all One Shots grouped by type

Pack 2: Analog Duality - Kontakt Analog Synth Library

New Loops presents: Analog Duality - a multi-sampled analogue synth library for Native Instruments Kontakt, consisting of 281 instrument patches created from 894 hardware analog synth samples.

This Kontakt synth library includes 5 folders of patches including: 40 arps, 34 chords, 26 pads, 85 dry patches, and 65 wet patches (with effects). There’s also 25 multi instruments consisting of 2 or more patches. Easily experiment by mixing patches to create new and unique sounds.

Kontak Analog Synths

Also included are 6 Kontakt instruments made from Moog and Doepfer oscillator multi-samples. There are 6 waveforms including, 2 Saws, 2 Squares, 1 Pulse, and 1 Triangle. You can use these as default patches for creating your own analogue synth sounds.

Each patch has between 15 and 17 analogue multi-samples mapped over at least 6 octaves. Most patches have the mod wheel and Aftertouch (pressure) assigned to multiple parameters to give you control and expression while playing. Many of the patches use effects including reverb, delay, saturation, phasers, and flangers. All patches can be edited in kontakt.

Analog Duality Mapping

Analog Duality can be used for many different styles of modern electronic music including, film score and cinematic, techno, trance, house, edm, bass music, drum and bass, and more.


  • 281 Kontakt Instrument patches
  • 894 Moog and Doepfer analogue multi-samples
  • 85 dry synth patches
  • 65 patches with effects (delay, reverb, etc.)
  • 40 arpeggios and sequences
  • 34 chord patches
  • 26 pads and string patches
  • 25 stacked multi patches
  • 6 Moog and Doepfer raw oscillator patches
  • Multi samples are 24 bit/44.1 kHz
  • Mod wheel and aftertouch assigned
  • Pack Size 698 MB

Patches are organised in the following categories:

Multi Patches

Kontakt instruments made from multiple patches to create new and unique sounds.

Raw Oscillators

The Raw Oscillators folder contains 6 Kontakt instruments made from Moog and Doepfer analogue oscillator multi samples. There are 6 waveforms including 2 Saws, 2 Squares, 1 Pulse, and 1 Triangle.

Single Patches

These are the main patches and form the bulk of the instruments. There are 4 folders of Kontakt Instruments:

  • Arpeggios = contains the arps and sequences
  • Chords = these patches are all chords, minor, major etc.
  • Dry Patches = the main patches with minimal effects
  • Wet Patches (effects) = have effects like delay and reverb
  • Pads = pads and strings patches

Kontakt Analogue Synths

    Analog Duality 1.5 Update Changelog:

    Tweaks to tuning on some patches
    Changes to mod wheel and aftertouch on some patches
    Renamed folder “Wet Patches (effects)”
    Moved 1 preset from Chords to Pads folder
    New kontakt graphics and re-branded as New Loops
    Added new audio demo

    Made For Native Instruments Kontakt

    This product is NOT compatible with the free Kontakt Player and requires the FULL version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.5 or later (not included).


    This product is compatible with Native Instruments KOMPLETE KONTROL (patches are not tagged).

    Audio demos are for illustrative purposes, some sounds may not be included. All synth sounds are from this pack.

    Download Free Demo Pack

    Try Free Demo - New Loops

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