• NOIZE Textures (Wav/Dune Presets)

    NOIZE Textures (Wav/Dune Presets)
    New Loops presents NOIZE — a collection of noise textures and sound effects designed for use with samplers and synthesisers.
  • Emotional Trap Kit (MPC Expansion/Wav)

    Emotional Trap Kit (MPC Expansion/Wav)
    New Loops presents Emotional Trap Kit — a full construction kit of Trap loops and samples.
  • Big Bass Bundle (Wav, Kontakt, Reason)

    Big Bass Bundle (Wav, Kontakt, Reason)
    We've combined our best bass packs into one great value pack. Get 380 cutting edge, modern bass samples.
  • TAL U-NO-LX Presets Bank

    TAL U-NO-LX Presets Bank
    New Loops presents TAL-U-NO-LX Presets Bank — a new collection of vintage-retro-modern sounds full of life and character. Many of these expressive presets react well to playing with velocity, and because there’s no mod wheel, we’ve had to get a bit clever with the pitch wheel.
  • Magnetism Repro 5 Presets

    Magnetism Repro 5 Presets
    New Loops presents Magnetism Repro-5 presets — an attractive new collection of sounds for U-he Repro-5 with a strong pull towards raw analogue character.
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