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Trap Bundle for Maschine

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Trap Bundle Maschine Expansion

New Loops Trap Bundle includes 3 high quality audio sample packs for producers of Trap, Future Bass, Hip Hop and other urban styles. Trap Bundle has 58 Midi files, 556 One Shot sounds, and 360 Loops making a total of 916 sounds!

Trap Bundle includes the following sample packs:

  1. Trap Monsters Vol.1 (construction kits)
  2. Chill Trap (construction kits)
  3. Deep Kicks (kick drums)

Trap Bundle Maschine Expansion

100% Royalty Free

As with all New Loops sample packs, once purchased Trap Bundle is 100% royalty free to use in your songs and audio productions.

Maschine Expansion

Trap Bundle Maschine Expansion requires Native Instruments Maschine 2.5 Software or higher and compatible Maschine hardware. Download Size: 970 MB

Pack 1: Trap Monsters Vol.1

Trap Monsters Vol.1 Maschine Expansion

Five Trap construction kits containing everything needed to make monster Trap songs. You’ll find Trap Drum Loops and One Shot's, big 808 Kicks, shuffling Hi Hats and Percussion Loops, deep sub Basslines, Gangster Vocals and Vocal Glitches, premium-grade Melodies, Synths and Riffs, huge Sound Effects and loads more.

Trap Monsters Vol.1 Maschine Expansion includes 189 Audio Loops, 177 One Shot sounds, 152 Rex2 Loops and 29 Midi files, all neatly packaged into 5 Trap kits. The audio loops come in Wav and Rex2 formats and in multiple versions, for example, Full Drum Loops, Kick Loops, Percussion Loops, Hi Hat Loops and Wet and Dry versions of Synth, Bass, and Effects Loops. All sounds are well organised and filenames have the root key and bpm.

Trap Monsters Vol.1 Features

  • 5 Full Trap Construction Kits
  • 5 Demo Maschine Projects
  • 5 Maschine Kits (groups)
  • 189 Trap Loops (wav)
  • 177 Trap One Shots (wav)
  • 28 Sampler Patches (sound files)
  • 22 Midi Files
  • Includes Drums, Bass, Synths, Vocals, Effects
  • Key and Bpm in File Names
  • Tagged and Arranged in Kits
  • 24-bit/44.1 kHz Audio

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    Pack 2: Chill Trap

    Chill Trap Maschine Expansion

    New Loops presents Chill Trap Maschine Expansion - a musical collection of urban sounds for producers of Trap, Future Bass, Hip Hop and other urban styles. Chill Trap features 5 full construction kits with over 580 MB of audio loops, one shot sounds and midi files. You’ll find drums, bass, vocals, melodies, sound effects, multi-samples and more!

    Chill Trap has been created to be as diverse and useful as possible. All sounds are individually named and have tempo and key in the file names. The audio loops have many variations for example, with and without FX, full loops, kickless loops, hat loops, kick and snare only etc.

    Chill Trap Features

    • 5 Chill Trap construction kits
    • 5 demo Maschine projects
    • 5 Maschine kits (groups)
    • 239 audio one shots (wav)
    • 171 audio wav loops (includes variations)
    • 31 sampler patches (Instruments)
    • 37 midi files
    • Includes Drums, Bass, Synths, Vocals, Effects
    • 160-166 bpm (half time)
    • Key and bpm in file names
    • Tagged and arranged in kits
    • 24-bit/44.1 kHz audio

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      Pack 3: Deep Kicks

      Deep Kicks Maschine Expansion

      A detailed collection of the finest quality deep, kick drums. Deep Kicks contains 140 Kicks divided into two folders: 75 Long Kicks suitable for Urban styles like Hip Hop, Pop, R’n’B and Trap, and 65 Short Kicks which are suited to House, Techno, Trance and EDM styles.

      Deep Kicks include Long 808 Kicks, Punchy 909 Kicks, Distorted Trap Kicks and a load of new, unheard kick drums. All Kicks have the key in the file name to help select the right pitch and many of the kicks have multiple versions with different transients, attack and decay times.

      Deep Kicks Features

      • Native Instruments Maschine Expansion
      • 75 Long kick drums
      • 65 Short kick drums
      • 140 sampler patches (Instruments)
      • Tagged for Maschine
      • Key in file names
      • 808 kicks, 909 kicks, Trap kicks, Hip Hop kicks
      • Recorded with analogue hardware
      • 24-bit/44.1 kHz audio

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